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About Melvyn

Hi I’m Melvyn, a Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Montreal) based commercial photographer who specializes in product, still-life, food and beverage photography. I’m passionate about working with creative entrepreneurs and businesses to increase conversions of their products and services through unmatched image quality for grabbing attention. My grasp of lighting and dynamic composition bring a high level of distinction to my e-commerce, advertising, web and catalog assignments. I am a visionary who casts both extraordinary and everyday items in a light that gives them a striking allure.

Looking forward to seeing you in the studio.

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I am available for consultations and bookings at my studio in Mont-Saint-Hilaire or at your location

Melvyn Kouri, Photographer
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada

Studio: (438) 808-5447
Email: info@kouristudio.com