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About Melvyn

Hi I’m Melvyn. I’m a photographer. I was born in Montreal, and raised through the apple orchards of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, where I now also reside. My photography journey started in 2010 on a business trip to Madison Wisconsin. At the time, I was the engineering supervisor at one of Quebec’s most famous brewery, Unibroue. I was in Madison for two weeks attending a Brewing and Malting course. My evenings there were spent walking the city streets searching for things to photograph. They were humble beginnings, trust me, but it really got me hooked on photography.

I have always been a visual and practical person and while growing up, the world of design, visual arts, and music always sparked my curiosity and interest.
Today, as a photographer, I will look for leading lines, recognize and make use of patterns, observe and modify the lighting, and at the right moment take photographs, and always with intent.

I continually work on my photography skills through various workshops and personal projects.

Contact Me.

I am available for consultations and bookings at my studio in Mont-Saint-Hilaire or at your location

Melvyn Kouri, Photographer
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada

Studio: (438) 808-5447
Email: info@kouriphoto.com